A Guide to Riding 125cc Motorcycles

The appeal of 125cc motorcycles to younger or learner riders is that they can be ridden and practised on without a full licence being required. A CBT licence is sufficient.

125cc bikes are relatively cheap to buy and maintain and there is a wide choice to pick from.

Types of 125cc Motorcycles

Some of the top 125cc sports bikes are the Cagiva Mito SP525, the Yamaha YZF-R125, the Derbi GPR125, the Aprilia RS125 and the Honda CBR125R.

A cheaper option of motorcycle may be a 125cc Scooter. They can range from £699.00 for a Cobra Scooter, £849.00 for a Lynx Scooter to £1599.00 for a Jonway Scooter (prices correct as of September 2011and taken from qualityscooters.com).

Other choices of 125cc motorcycles are cruisers and sportsbikes.

Another decision to be made is whether to buy new or used. A new bike will usually be preferable but with some careful research a quality used 125cc motorbike can be found.

Some points to consider when buying a used 125cc bike are the age of the bike and its mileage. Also, try to ascertain the type of driver of the current owner. If the bike has been ridden sensibly and stored in a garage, the engine will be in better condition than one owned by a 'boy racer'.


Motorcyclenews.com is the online version of the fifty year old, weekly magazine Motor Cycle News. As well as having details on obtaining bike insurance, general motorcycle news and accessories for sale, MCN also list thousands of bikes for sale each week, many of which are 125cc's.

A looked after, 125cc motorcycle will last for many years and with lots of motorbike websites available, help in finding a bike is close at hand.

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