1971 BMW CSL "Batmobile" Auctioned

The Race Retro and Classic Car Sale that’s being hosted by Silverstone Auctions on 23rd February will offer some of the most distinctive and original cars, but perhaps the most interesting one on offer is a BMW 3.0 CSL ‘Batmobile’ racing car from 1973.

It won’t be cheap as the estimated price is between £75,000 and £100,000 but for that the winning bidder will get a stunning example of the model that was designed to race in the European Touring Car Championship and one that has zero running hours because the engine was recently rebuilt by specialists at Mathwall Engineering.

This example started life as a standard BMW CSL road car and was adapted for racing by Classic Cars of Kent in 2010. New sills and new panels were fitted and an FIA roll cage was put in place. The engine was uprated to meet FIA regulations, and Kugelfischer injection and Schnitzer slides were fitted.

The car comes complete with the necessary authentication as Nick Whale, MD of Silverstone Auctions explains, “Presented with FIA HTP papers, this race car is a great way to compete in the various 70’s saloon events, including the Masters series. It’s a fitting addition to our auction at the Race Retro Show, Europe’s premier international historic motorsport event, and lines up alongside a stunning array of competition cars, classic road-going models and collectable automobilia.”

Other models on offer from the Bavarian car company’s history include an E9 CSI Coupe that’s also from 1973 and is expected to fetch at least £18,000 and an E9 CSI Coupe from 1974 that’s powered by a 3.8 litre M5 engine, which is also expected to reach upwards of £18,000. An M5 from 1991, which is the last of the hand built M cars, and a Z4M Roadster from 2006 will also be offered, but nothing is expected to take the bidders attention like the ‘Batmobile.'

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