If you lived through 1984 the first time you’ll know that there really is no need to live through it again, but as any civil rights group will tell you, the UK is very much living in a different 1984 – George Orwell’s vision of a nanny state.

As much as drivers detest speed cameras, you can’t argue with the black and white facts that they save lives, so in short they’re good for our roads, but a new camera called The SpeedSpike has made its debut on the A374 in Cornwall. SpeedSpike differs from standard speed cameras because it uses GPS and can track any drivers that pass through it for as long as it likes.

Various civil rights campaigners have of course complained about the new cameras saying it’s a breach of privacy and even Tory MP Geoffrey Cox backed their claim, sort of: ‘It should never be a matter of routine that the state spies on its citizens’.

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