Is your dream car the 2001 jaguar xkr supercharged?

In 2001 the Jaguar xkr supercharged was one of the sleekest, sexiest cars in its class.

With a divine exterior shape and loaded with a supercharged engine in XKR form the XKR kept the perfect balance between luxury and performance. The XKR is more of a gran turismo than an all out sports car.

The 2001 model came with standard child seat-anchor points for the rear seats and a reverse parking-control system. The premium audio system with a six-disc CD changer and the GPS navigation system are now standard equipment on XKr. Topping things off are minor exterior styling making it even more stylish than its 2000 sister.

Now we cant mention the XKR without talking about the performance. Well the XKR's calling card is it's DOHC, 32-valve 4.0-liter V8 engine. With a huge Eaton M112 supercharger, twin air-to-liquid intercoolers, and minor structural changes, the XKR's engine cranks out 370 horsepower at 6,150 rpm and 387 foot-pounds of torque at 3,600 rpm. To handle this extra power, Jaguar gives the XKR an upgraded suspension and 18-inch wheels.

This does not come at the expense of ride quality though, as the Jag is comfortable and quiet on high-speed cruises and the 18 inch wheels handle the road like a dream with impressive grip even on hard cornering.

XKRs are fine cars in either coupe or convertible form and are as close to a classic GT car as you will get for its year.

You can pick a great condition XKR for a mere £12,995 on the website carpages.co.uk.

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