2011: the year of the Skoda?

Maybe it’s these times of austerity, but Skoda’s star is certainly on the rise. The firm has announced that it achieved record sales figures in 2010.

The company sold a total 762,600 vehicles last year, which beats its 2009 figure of 684,200 by 11.5 per cent.

In the most significant developing markets such as China and Russia, Skoda’s growth rate for 2010 was up by 40 per cent. And with a new model expansion plan, Skoda hopes to increase its sales figure by at least double by 2018.

Winfried Vahland, Chairman of the Board of Skoda, said: ‘Within the framework of the Skoda growth strategy, we will shift up a gear in the coming years.’

Evidence that Skoda has left its former image of making comically bad cars well behind.

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