2013 Pirelli Calendar by Steve McCurry

It's the most famous in the world and features dozens of gorgeous women portrayed by the greatest photographers wearing anything but their beauty. We are talking about the exclusive Pirelli Calendar, first published in 1964 by the Italian tyre company, and celebrating the art of nudity ever since. But this year tradition is about to be broken: the models are all fully clothed!

The 2013 Pirelli Calendar has been shot by world renowned photojournalist Steve McCurry, best known for his powerful images of armed conflicts around the world and “Afghan Girl”, his most recognised work, published on the National Geographic magazine. The artist uses his lens to capture every-day life stories of ordinary people and places, and the calendar recounts the recent journey of economic and social transformation of Brazil.

McCurry has walked the streets of Rio de Janeiro looking for the the most significant and authentic places in the city, bursting with colours, real life and real people. Yes, you heard, this year's edition will feature common people and landscapes as well as the usual bunch of high-profile beauties. Even the models and actresses have been carefully picked for their contribution in humanitarian work and charities.

“I wanted to photograph a mix of everyday people combined with a very special group of women known not only for their talent and beauty, but also for their charitable work and contributions to their communities," McCurry said "Some of the women were models, but this is about their charities, and so I wasn't photographing them naked. It's not about their bodies. Or their sexuality.”

The 2013 Pirelli Calendar features 11 models, singers and actresses, including Brazilians Isabeli Fontana, a pregnant Adriana Lima, actress Sonia Braga and singer Marisa Monte; also Italian-Egyptian model Elisa Sednaoui, Czech model Petra Nemcova, Ethiopian model Liya Kebede, Tunisian model Hana Ben Abdesslem, and American models Kyleigh Kuhn, Summer Rayne Oakes and Karlie Kloss.

The calendar consists of a book containing 34 images, of which 23 are pictures of models, actresses and singers, 9 portray ordinary people, such as a girl who sells fruit at the market, capoeira masters practising, and a boxer during his training session; 2 of those pictures contain graffiti, which represent an expression of today's society.

The 2013 Pirelli Calendar might not contain any nudity, but it is by far one of the most controversial and unique edition in terms of themes, pictures and contents.

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