2014 Ford Mondeo Vignale: The First Car in New Ford Vignale Range

In an effort to compete with firms like Mercedes and BMW, Ford has announced the arrival of the Vignale range. The first car in this new premium range is the Ford Mondeo Vignale which has been designed to take fleet sales from German prestige brands and help increase Ford’s sale within Europe. Around half of Ford’s European sales are made with higher-spec machines so Ford are attempting to exploit this market with the Vignale range.

“Vignale represents the highest expression of the Ford brand in Europe from both a product and from an ownership experience perspective,” Ford’s European President, Stephen Odell said. Ford Vignale buyers will get an enhanced experience in the dealership where a section of the showroom will be kept exclusively for the brand and “Ford Vignale premium services will meet the needs of the customer for whom time is the ultimate luxury,” Ford of Europe Marketing VP, Gaetano Thorel said.

The first example of the new range, the Ford Mondeo Vignale, will be shown to the public later this month at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show but ahead of the launch Ford has released some images and information about the car. This saloon’s been designed to compete with the BMW 3-Series and Audi A5. To match up to premium rivals, new 20-inch alloys, new bumpers and Vignale badging have been added. Inside the cabin, this new Mondeo distinguishes itself from other examples of Ford’s high selling saloon with a full leather interior. Quilted leather seats are included and the material has also been applied to the steering wheel and centre console. Luxurious floor mats and kickplates with Vignale embossed on them will also mark this out as a Vignale.

A 10 per cent premium is expected for this additional luxury and service when the new premium Ford brand reaches showrooms in 2015.The next car in the range to get the Vignale treatment is the S-Max.

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