2014 Jaguar XJR Unleashed

If you want what Jaguar describe as “the opulence and comfort of British luxury” but also want supercar performance, the 2014 Jaguar XJR should fulfil both criteria. According to the British marque’s chief engineer, Mike Cross, “The XJR offers greater steering precision, higher levels of control and enhanced high speed stability, with the trade-off in refinement being very small. The increase in power and torque give this car truly effortless, seamless performance.”

The figures that back up the engineer’s claims are impressive. There’s 550 horsepower and 502lb ft of torque. The 5.0 litre V8 engine has been supercharged so it can push the saloon from 0-60 mph in 4.4 secs and on to a top speed of 174 mph. There is a ZF 8 speed automatic gearbox, which helps the super saloon to achieve an estimated 15 mpg around town and 23 mpg on the motorways.

Retuned dampers, stiffer springs and an electronically controlled differential help the XJR put the power down. The engineers at Jaguar have also tweaked the car’s software so that the steering offers a greater feedback from the road. The 20-inch signature alloys wear Pirelli rubber to help keep the machine planted during cornering.

Aside from the wheels, there are grille badges, a rear spoiler and new sills that distinguish the car. Inside the cabin “R” badges on the seats and elsewhere in the interior define this as the XJR. Owners will be able to choose from Jet Black, Ivory, Red Zone or London Tan coloured inserts for the seats and either Piano Black or Carbon Fibre trim.

There will be standard and long wheel base versions made available, with the long wheel base machine costing a small amount more the standard car. The car is currently on display at the New York Auto Show and will be released later in the year.

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