2044 ford fiesta flame alloy wheels, burning desire

The 2044 Ford Fiesta Flame with alloy wheels always looks even better with sparkling new alloy wheels.  There are three models available in the new Fiesta range.  The Fiesta Style, the Fiesta Colourline and of course the Fiesta Titanium.  They take alloy wheels respectively in sizes from 15.5 inch, 16 inch and 15.4 inch spoke alloy wheels for the Titanium.  A great way to enhance any car’s looks around town is the addition of new alloys.

The Fiesta range which is recognisable by its stylish lines and attractive bodywork lends itself easily to the addition of new alloy wheels. Alloy wheels for the Fiesta Flame come in an extensive range of designs to suit even the most particular of drivers and for different age ranges.

The Ford Fiesta Flame 1.4 was built in several countries around the world by the Ford Motor Company, but the Fiesta range itself began production back as far as 1976. The car was a hatchback, fivedoor model. It had front wheel drive, favoured by Fiesta enthusiasts who liked the surprising power produced by its 1388 cc petrol engine.

Although the Fiesta is considered to be among the town and suburban driving group of Ford models it is still one of the bestsellers in its class. Quality, durability and of course affordability are a tradition with the Fiesta.

The basic factory model is stylish and attractive to a broad range of customers so the addition of great looking alloy wheels tends to make this car design stand out more than it sometimes deserves. The Fiesta Flame, one of the favourites among Fiesta enthusiasts will leave you burning with desire.

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