4x4 cars - when Summer is over, you're going to need them!

4x4 cars were quite literally the only means of getting around in what was the harshest winter in decades. The radio stations were full of people stranded in their homes and appealing for those driving Jeeps to come and deliver provisions to them. Last winter proved to be an eye opener for many car users who had believed their vehicles to be sturdy and up to the task even in bad weather. Bad weather was one thing but, when put up against the worst snow and ice in decades, many cars were simply not suitable.

In fact, a bumper number of insurance claims put in for road traffic accidents, highlights how bad the situation was. Many cars were basically unable to travel on the ice or to drive through inches of snow. While car sales have slowed down due to the recession, garages are happily reporting a sharp increase in the sales of 4x4 cars.

A Jeep or SUV is generally the vehicle that comes to mind when you think of a 4 wheel drive but many manufacturers also have a 4x4 car model, Subaru for example has the Forrester, which might suit some families better. The whole point of a 4x4 is that all the wheels turn whereas in a generic car only one turns so, if that gets stuck, so do you!

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