86mph is all right

Drivers in England and Wales are being given carte blanche to speed at up to 86mph and avoid getting points on their licence.

The speeds will be allowed on UK roads, and if caught the drivers will be required to take a speed awareness course, rather than have points on their licence.

In January, at a meeting of the Association of Chief Police Officers, 37 of 44 police forces signed up to the new system

The ACPO said the changes, which require drivers to attend a course if caught driving at up to 10% above the speed limit plus an extra 9mph, will allow drivers to 'undergo an invaluable educational experience rather than receive driving licence penalty points and a fine.'

The BBC reported the road authority as saying: ‘Over recent years, the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads has fallen significantly, reducing both the toll of personal tragedy and the cost to the public purse.

‘This reduction has been achieved through a combination of improved engineering, enforcement and education of which safety cameras are an important element.’

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