Audi A1 specifications

The Audi A1 is a small urban car produced by the luxury German carmaker Audi. It has been launched in 2010 and it is the smallest model of the brand, hence its name A1. The model was built as a competition for the premium urban segment that includes models such as Citroen DS3, Alfa Romeo MiTo, Fiat 500 and Mini.


The design of the Audi A1, directed by German designer Wolfgang Egger, reproduces the essential features suggested by the concept cars. The Single Frame Grill, characteristic for Audi, is once again reinterpreted on the A1. The Audi A1 shares a lot with the Volkswagen Polo, mainly when it comes to the structure of the seats, power steering or ventilation.


The Audi A1 is equipped with three petrol engines of 86, 122 and 185 hp, and two diesel engines of 90 and 105 hp. Audi A1 has pull to the front wheels and one can choose between: a manual transmission 5-speed for petrol engines of 86 hp and diesel by 90 and 105 hp , a manual transmission 6-speed for the petrol engine of 122 hp or a robotised gearbox 7-(S-Tronic) for petrol engines of 122 and 185 hp diesel and 90 hp .

Pros and Cons

Pros: The main advantages of driving an Audi A1 are its sleek look, the versatility of uses, the driving pleasure and the image of the German brand Audi.

Cons: the only major disadvantage of the Audi A1 is the trunk that is a little tight when the rear seats are upright (267 l).

Technology Pack

A specific feature of the Audi A1 is its generous technology pack. It comes at the price of £1,375 and consists of a 20GB hard drive for music files, a satellite navigation system, an SD card reader, Bluetooth audio streaming option and a 6.5 inch display for playing video files.

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