Advantages and disadvantages of buying automatic cars

In the UK, automatic cars are much less popular than manual gear boxes. There are advantages for having an automatic, but there are a few disadvantages also.

Automatics are great for driving in busy cities, especially during rush hour periods when constant gear changing can become tedious. They are also ideal for people who are not confident drivers. When you don't have to concentrate on gear changes or worry about stalling, your confidence will gradually increase with every mile you drive.

Automatics are becoming more and more fuel efficient, but they will probably never catch up with their manual counterparts.

The biggest disadvantage of an automatic car is probably the running cost. With the cost of petrol reaching a point that driving can become unaffordable, fuel efficiency is becoming more and more important. Manual cars will drive an extra few miles per gallon of fuel.

Selling an automatic car can also be harder than selling the manual version of the same model. Many drivers in the UK have more experience driving manual cars and would generally rather buy a manual than an automatic.

Even though automatics are generally less fuel efficient and more expensive to run, the convenience of driving them might be worth the increase of expenses depending on where you live. If you do much of your driving during rush hour or in a city, an automatic might be the best option for you. When buying your next car, don’t rule them out. Go for a test drive along your usual commute and see if you like it.

There are many new and second hand automatics for sale, so finding an automatic car to suit your pocket should not be too much trouble. Many car sales websites allow you to search specifically for automatics, leaving a list of automatic cars for sale in your area.

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