Top BMW 3 series models

If you are looking for practicality, manoeuvrability and style in a car for daily use, then the BMW 3 Series models might be what you are looking for. Designed for driving pleasure, practicality and power performance, the BMW series presents cutting edge technology, sleek design and outstanding safety features to give an extremely satisfying and enjoyable ride.

BMW 3 series cars

The BMW 3 Series cars come in different forms to suit the individual needs of car enthusiasts. From the BMW 3 Series Sedan to the BMW 3 Series Touring and BMW 3 Series Convertible, the automotor series has plenty to offer. Here, we list our top 3 BMW 3 series model cars that impress on road performance, efficiency, style and comfort.

1. BMW 3 Series Sedan (2011)

The 2011 BMW 3 Series Sedan is a beauty that perfectly combines performance, efficiency and style to ensure every journey, bend for bend and metre for metre, is a delight. With a muscular six-cylinder engine featuring BMW BluePerformance and BMW EfficientDynamics technology, the Sedan gives powerful acceleration without needlessly polluting the environment. The car already complies with strict EU6 emission standards set to come into effect in 2014. Its sleek design and feel on the road makes this a truly remarkable car to drive.

2. BMW 3 Series Convertible

The BMW 3 Series Convertible not only combines the excellent road performance and flawless comfort of the Sedan, but it also throws in a handy luggage compartment so you can carry all you need on the road. This sleek, luxury convertible features a technologically brilliant retractable hardtop equipped for wind and weather. The 350 litres capacity car is as attractive to look at as it is enjoyable to drive with its visually appealing sport trim.

3. BMW 3 Series Touring

The BMW 3 Series Touring is designed to accommodate extra gear on the road with its practical boot. It comes with a capacity of up to 1,385 litres and a comprehensive range of twelve different petrol and diesel engines to choose from. Typical of all BMW 3 series models, the Touring offers power performance, sleek design, excellent control and extremely enjoyable ride. It comes as no surprise that the BMW 3 series models have featured on Car and Driver magazine’s annual Ten Best list since 1992, making the model effectively the longest running entry on the list.

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