Bentley Continental: Beyond the GT

When the car was first launched in 1952, the Continental name was Bentley’s way of subtly communicating the speed that it could attain. As there were no high speed roads in Britain, Bentley were suggesting that to truly test the Bentley Continental it would need to be taken to the continent.

The Range

The Bentley Continental is available in four different model types. The Continental Flying Spur is a saloon car, the Continental GT is a GT touring car, the Supersports is a sports car and the Continental GTC is a convertible. Together these models make nine different variants all of which offer the true Bentley experience of supercar performance in limousine style comfort.

Continental Flying Spur

At £133,200 the Continental Flying Spur is the least expensive Continental, but there’s nothing entry level about the Spur. Owners get 552 hp from the 6 litre petrol engine. This produces a top speed of 194 mph and a 0 to 60 mph time of 4.9 seconds.

Continental GT

The GT produces another 15 hp from its 6 litre engine. With a top speed of 198 mph and a 0 to 60 mph time of 4.4 seconds, it compares favourably with the four door Flying Spur. As it’s only £3,000 more than the Spur, this car is a genuine option for anyone considering a Bentley, so it should be seen as a coupe version of the Spur, rather than a model in its own right.

Continental GTC

This is the convertible version of the GT. Although the specs for top speed, acceleration and horsepower are nearly identical to the GT, buyer are expected to part with an additional £15,000 for the pleasure of open air motoring.


Whether you purchase the two seat coupe or four seat convertible, this model is by far the fastest in the range. With 621 hp on tap and over 200 mph available to you, this is the ultimate Continental and arguably the ultimate Bentley.

Final word

It's easy to rave about the car's handling, its acceleration and its styling, but its harder to justify its fuel economy and its emissions rating. The best you can hope for is 20 mpg and the emissions range from 384 g/km to 396 g/km. These figures mean that the Bentley Continental's running costs are high compared with rivals. But if you are of the opinion that nothing can match a Bentley and can afford the running costs, then the Continental range offers enough choice to cover any buyer's requirements.

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