Citroen C1 review

Citroen C1 is currently one of the most economical cars you can purchase, with both engines releasing less than 110g/km of CO2. The vehicle also offers a fuel economy on the combined cycle of up to 68.9mpg. Its agile frame compact dimensions also make the Citroen C1 a perfect car for driving around the city.


On exterior lines, the Citroen C1 largely takes from the finishes of its predecessors. However, for a style more dynamic and premium, the C1 is equipped with "Spazz" alloy wheels of 14 inches. The exclusive finishing makes the exterior a premium version of the Citroen C1 Comfort. It is in the cockpit that the C1 Exclusive makes a difference.


When you enter the C1, you will immediately see the changes made by Citroen. The steering wheel and leather-trimmed gear shift knob give a unique style and elegance. On the other hand, the Citroen C1 can count on exclusive interiors featuring a gloss black look along with Alcantara seats perforated leather that brighten the interior completely and make this vehicle a cosy and trendy one at the same time. Furthermore, more space and flexibility are added by the rear 50/50 split seats, which allow you to free a loading area of up to 750 litres.


Being inside the Citroen C1, you cannot miss out on the present technological equipment: the air conditioning / CD pack offers passengers temperature control on command and a CD audio system with MP3. In other words, all trips will be a pleasure aboard the Citroen C1.


The prices for the Citroen C1 starts at £8,495 and you can opt for fixed price Servicing Package for an extra £199. This servicing package covers all scheduled and recommended servicing, as well as all the necessary brake fluid replacements for up to 35,000 miles or three years.

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