Citroen C5 pros and cons

The Citroen C5 is a high-tech sedan that received mixed reviews since its launch. This is a vehicle that is suitable for those who are primarily interested in comfort when purchasing a car. There are several advantages and disadvantages of driving a C5 and the most important of them are listed here.


•The overall comfort: the rubber suspensions are effective against the inequalities and small bumps on the road. The on-board atmosphere is relaxed, with a provision of good lighting given by the large glass area.

•The volume on board: This is an important aspect of a vehicle, with special reference to the space in the back, which is really generous for the Citroen C5.

•Equipment: apart from the entry-level versions, the standard equipment is quite complete. It is very generous, especially after the last face-lift of the model.

•The on-board computer and GPS (optional): their practical features are very comprehensive and consistent in handling, with a large-screen display located in the middle of the dashboard.


•The visibility to the rear of the sedan body is slightly limited.

•The finishes are not quite at a desirable level. The vehicle features too many ordinary plastic elements, the adjustments are not always rigorous and you will observe some sloppy upholstery coverings.

•The climate control on the facelift version: you have to enter a menu and a submenu to activate or deactivate the air conditioning, which is anything but practical.

•The volume control for radio: it is somewhat difficult to obtain the desired volume level.

The Citroen C5 is a great for long drives in excellent conditions of comfort. While there are some disadvantages, mostly related to the interior of the car, the C5 is a reliable vehicle that is one of the best choices available on the market on the segment of luxury sedans.

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