The Fiat 500 – An award winning city car

If you are looking for a practical, eco-friendly city car, then the new Fiat 500C offers many reasons why you should consider it as your preferred urban vehicle. It comes from a long line of Fiat 500 models that were first manufactured in 1957 to meet the demand for economic cars in the post-war market. In the 21st century, the 500C more than meets the need for practical, economical and eco-friendly urban cars. It has won accolades for its iconic design and top of the range technological achievements.

The 500C

The Fiat 500C convertible city car is no stranger to international awards. It scoped the Green Apple Gold Award for Green Vehicles, Coupes and Cabriolets, at the 2011 International Green Apple Awards. The award recognised two remarkable features of the vehicle: a technologically brilliant, full-length “soft roof” and the award winning TwinAir engine.

Elena Bernardelli, Fiat Group Automobiles UK marketing director had this to say at the awarding ceremony: “I am delighted that Fiat is once again featuring in the Green Apple Awards – we were there two years ago with eco:Drive… it is especially pleasing that the award this year recognises two huge developments for 500 – the ‘soft top’ roof and the two cylinder engine. It demonstrates the breadth and depth of this remarkable city car.”

TwinAir engine

The car’s TwinAir engine features two 0.9 litre cylinder units that allow for high torque at low revs. It offers a combined fuel economy of 68mpg and a low 95g/km CO2 emission. The engine’s environment-friendly credentials and power performance are undisputed, having won the 2011 winner of the International Engine of the Year. Masterfully integrated into the Fiat 500, the TwinAir engine is widely seen as the perfect fit for the stylish, light and responsive city car.


Apart from the impressive smooth performance, the Fiat 500’s exterior design is meant to take away the breath of any serious urban car enthusiast. The distinctive, retractable roof is really as appealing to look at as it is retro. Despite its miniature size, this little beauty is packed with the latest car safety features and comes with a five-star crash test rating to ensure you drive safe. Personalise your Fiat 500 in one of five hundred ways, including changing the coloured dash.

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