Fiat Panda review

On the outside, Fiat Panda has a quite discrete design that is obtained by the designer’s play with simple lines. Despite its reduced height, the Panda does not give the impression of a fragile vehicle. Boarding the car is very easy and everyone inside can sit pleasantly. The driving position is also surprisingly comfortable when the steering column and the driver’s seat are properly adjusted.


Drivers will notice a significant progress in the quality of the interior materials and assembly when compared to the predecessors of Fiat Panda, the Seicento and Punto. The Panda has the advantage of adding a fifth seat as an extra option. The 206 litres trunk of the Panda can go to 230 litres with the sliding seat, which is also available as an option. The safety equipment is limited to the driver’s airbag on default, with side airbags only available for an extra surcharge.


The Panda features plenty of equipment for its dimensions, including automatic climate control, radar rear parking aid, “follow me home” lighting, a “Skydome” bright double sunroof and many other accessories. All these are available optionally and the best equipment/price ration is given by the top level Fiat Panda Emotion.

Handling and comfort

The hull is very rigid and the running gear is designed simply, but this contributes to a serene ride. The comfort provided by the suspensions exceeds expectations and the only thing that can be open to criticism is the wind noise that is a bit too present when exceeding 120 km/h. The Panda is overall very easy to handle and is perfect as a city car.

Pros and cons

Pros: The main benefits of driving a Fiat Panda are its remarkable equipment/price ratio for most versions, the excellent 1.3 16V Multijet diesel engine and the finish and material quality, which are clearly an improvement for Fiat.

Cons: Among disadvantages, we can count the lack of a 3-door version and the non-folding bench seat.

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