Ford Fiesta review

Ford Fiesta is an automobile with 3-5 places produced by the American manufacturer Ford since 1976. Six versions of the Fiesta have been designed since its inception. Different patterns and versions are also produced in emerging countries (Brazil, India and South Africa. This versatile city-car was originally intended for the European market, but it is now also marketed in other continents.

The latest model

The latest version of the Ford Fiesta was presented in its final form at the Geneva show in March 2008. Its design is oriented towards weight, with a loss of 40 kg over the its predecessors. The latest generation of Fiesta is also available in 4-door sedan version in some markets including the US and China.

Features and specifications

The latest generation of Ford Fiesta features several new features that were not present in the former models. The overall result achieved by Ford is an innovative small car that is also chic at the same time. On the outside, the Fiesta features auto-headlights and Rain-sensing wipers, as well as a headlamp courtesy delay, which will allow you to illuminate your way to the garage door. The technology inside includes a multifunctional display that allows the driver to connect their MP3 player via an USB port. Additionally, the Bluetooth with Voice Control Technology allows the driver to connect to the mobile phone wirelessly.

Safety and security

Ford Fiesta is equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System that prevents skidding in the event of an emergency stop or if you have to brake when cornering. The Park Assist feature features audible warnings on top of front and rear sensors that will help you park quick and confidently.

Choosing the engine

When purchasing a Ford Fiesta, you can choose between a diesel and a petrol engine. The diesel engines have capacities of 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre and they have been completely redesigned from previous versions. A coated diesel particulate filter is available for the 1.4-litre engine. For those who prefer petrol, the 1.4 engine offers a choice between automatic and manual transmission.

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