The new 2012 Ford Fiesta review

For most buyers practicality, up keep costs and reliability are the key factors they look for in a mini car. The new 2012 Ford Fiesta offers these and more. It packs style, substance and quality to ensure that when you down size to the mini you don’t feel like you are downscaling. Its attractive appearance and stout features have made it one of the more popular city cars in the UK.


The 2012 Ford Fiesta comes in both hatchback and sedan forms each with four doors. The hatchback comes in two trim levels: SE and SES; and the sedan comes in three trim levels: SEL, SE and S. While the Fiesta is not the most affordable mini car, it is one of the better small cars that offers a range of trims to choose from.

S sedan

The S sedan is Fiesta’s entry-level, bare-bone mini. It packs impressive features, including power mirrors, AM/FM stereo , 15-inch steel wheels, a telescoping steering wheel, a capless fuel filler and 60 or 40 split-folding rear seats.

SE Sedan

The SE Sedan packs the features of the S and adds a CD player, a sleek metallic cabin and power doorlocks and windows.

SEL Sedan

The SEL Sedan tops the features of the S and SE with a built-in Sync multimedia voice-command system, high tech sound system with six speakers and satellite radio, auto-dimming rear view mirror, ambient lighting, LED parking lights and 16-inch high quality painted wheels.

SE hatchback

The SE hatchback, equipped with similar features as the SE sedan but with more cargo capacity, also packs features uncommon in most cars of its class. It includes an advanced Sync system that allows users to control mobile phone and audio functions via voice commands and an impressive keyless ignition system.


No matter the trim you choose, the Ford Fiesta offers a smooth, enjoyable and compliant ride. Its superb handling, manoeuvrability and responsiveness is powered by an eager 120 hp engine and balanced by a well-weighted angile chasis and steering. The car single-handedly dispels the myth that a mini car is only as exciting to pilot as a shopping cart.

Bottom line

The 2012 Ford Fiesta is not the cheapest neither is it the most spacious nor the most refined small car in the market. However, many car reviewers agree the 2012 Fiesta is the most upscale mini car in its class. The hatch and sedan offer simplicity, affordability, class and style. That said, however, if you are looking for a roomier small car at the price range of the Ford Fiesta, options such as the Mini Cooper are available for you to consider.

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