The new generation of Ford Focus

Ford Focus was first launched in the late 1990s and it opened a new era for Ford, creating a breath of fresh air after six generations of Ford Escort. Its successor in 2004 confirmed its bold design and state-of-the art dynamic qualities. For the third generation of Ford Focus, Ford boosted its compact range while trying to reconnect with the bold lines of the original Focus.


The silhouette of the Ford Focus is now more uniform than before, being similar to that of a big Fiesta. The new Focus is lightly longer than its predecessor (4.36 m instead of 4.34 m), but slightly narrower and lower. The aspect of the Focus is now of a more sleek and slender vehicle.

Innovative Specs

With the new generation of Focus, the manufacturer offers an impressive array of equipment to make life easier for the driver. They will be delighted to discover the list of aids offered to them, such as anti-collision in low speeds, the system of semi-automatic parking, the recognition of the signalling traffic, the automatic beam, the monitoring of the driver’s vigilance, or the adaptive cruise control. The new Ford Focus has five devices to support the driver support by a camera system. Located under the rear view mirror, the camera analyses the road. The information is then used to assist the driver by helping to maintain the vehicle in its lane, reduce the risk of drowsiness, to recall the last signs and manage the use of high beam.

Economy and Environment

In the recent years, Ford made significant efforts to reduce its footprint and that of its vehicles. The Focus has a new engine available in four versions, ranging from CO2 emissions from 109 g/ km to 136 g / km.

Intelligent Protection System

The enhanced Intelligent Protection System features an array of airbags that are designed to shield both the driver and the passengers. The retracting pedals and the advanced steering column of the new Ford Focus are designed to collapse away from the driver, thus limiting the risk of injuries in case of impact.

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