A preview of the new Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo is a popular car for families produced by the Ford Company. The word “Mondeo” can be traced to the Latin word “mundus”, which means world. These first Ford Mondeo models were launched in 1995 and they are still in production. The next generation of Ford’s most advanced car will be available in 2013.

New features

The new Ford Mondeo includes plenty of new features, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, HMI cluster and cap less refuelling system. The new Mondeo comes with new premium car features, including soft-touch materials, ambient interior lighting, NVH characteristics and limousine-like comfort. Some new technologies are available inside as well, including the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Hill Launch Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control Interactive, Human Machine Interface, keyless entry, keyless start and Vehicle Dynamics Control. Other features are the branded Quickclear, traction control, heated front windscreen, self-levelling suspension and adaptive damping.


The standard interiors are well-appointed, with central locking by remote control, flat-folding rear seats, lights on ping, power mirrors, power windows and armrest with CD and tape storage. Higher specification models have alloy wheels, CD changer, electric sunroofs, trip computers and leather seats.


The new 2.3-litre engine 4-CYL with 16 valves is built for 6-speed automatic transmission. The Mondeo is able to accelerate from 0 - 100 mph in 10.2 sec. and is suitable for all kinds of weather.


The Intelligent Protection System gives the driver the entire assistance they need by using the cutting edge technologies, including full length side curtain airbags, horizontal stroking steering column and driver's knee airbag.

Ford Mondeo is produced in different models for the markets in North America, Europe and Japan. There are some small differences between the car in the United Kingdom and that in Europe. However, regardless of where you decide to buy a Ford Mondeo, you will enjoy the same reliability and quality.

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