The pros and cons of buying a Honda Insight

The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric car that's been on the market since 1999, with availability in the UK since 2009. First produced as a quite tame-looking 3-door subcompact in the US, since its release in the UK, the design has become sportier and is starting to stand out in the crowd.

Advertised as the cheapest hybrid electric car on the market, and one of the most fuel efficient, in the UK, the Honda Insight is a 5-door hatchback well worth checking out.

Pros and cons of the Honda Insight

Of course, like any car on the road, the Honda Insight has pros and cons, all of which should be considered carefully before you think of buying one.


Fuel Economy - Of course, for many drivers its the fuel economy that first gets them interested in a Honda Insight and, with a possible 61.2mpg as the combined fuel consumption depending on how and where you drive, it's easy to see why.

Great Quality - Even though it's one of the cheapest hybrid cars you can buy and the interior is quite basic, nothing in this car looks cheap. Materials are high-end, and every surface is top-quality.

Smooth Ride - While many small cars are bumpy, the Honda Insight manages to be smooth and, for the most part, bump-free.

Handles Well - The Honda Insight is a solid little car that handles well around corners and at high speed.

Price - You don't get a much better price than with the Honda Insight, which is why it's been one of the best selling cars in the UK since it was launched. Current manufacturer's list price for a 2012 model is £18,305.

Exempt from London Congestion Charge - If you work in the city, just not having to pay the Congestion Charge could make buying a Honda Insight worth your while.


Small Interior - Like most sub-compact cars, there's not a lot of extra room in the Honda Insight, particularly in the back seat area. That's why some say it's a wonderful car for bopping around town, but maybe not for longer journeys.

Headroom in the Back - While headroom is ample in the front seat, adults might be wary about travelling in the back. Honda has added a little more room in the latest model but, again, on long journeys your passengers might find themselves squashed down a bit just to prevent banging their heads on the roof.

Low Cargo Space - If you're used to being able to carry a lot in your boot, you won't be able to do that any more with the Honda Insight. The hatchback boot space is very limited.

Noisy During Rapid Acceleration - While the Honda Insight is quiet during normal driving conditions, it gets surprisingly loud if you accelerate fast. Just plan for the engine's scream as you start to sprint down the road. When you ease up, it will stop.

Honda Insight smashing for trotting around town

If you plan on long drives at high speed, the Honda Insight may not be the best choice.

But, if your main aim is to own a car with good fuel economy, at an inexpensive price, and one that will get you comfortably around town, with enough space for an average week's shop, then the Honda Insight might just be for you.

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