Jaguar XF: Attracting new customers to the brand

The Jaguar XF has been in production since 2007, when it replaced the popular S-Type. There are four models in the range which make a total of thirteen variants. Whether you pick a Luxury, Premium Luxury, Portfolio or XFR model you will be buying a refined four door saloon with stylish looks, a dramatic cabin and incredible handling.

The Range

The range begins with the four cylinder 2.2 litre SE. It costs £29,500 and accelerates between 0 and 60 mph in 9.8 seconds.

Those with deeper pockets should consider the mid-range Portfolio, which begins at £42,200. With combined fuel economy figures of 52.3mpg it’s just as economical as the SE, but accelerates from a standing start to 60 mph in just 8 seconds.

At £65,350 the XFR is the top of the range. Although it’s more than double the price of the entry level car it is twice as quick to 60 mph. Of course fuel economy suffers, but you get a 5 litre supercharged engine which produces 510bhp.

But the XF isn't only about speed and refinement. It's practical too. The XF’s high tail means it has a 500 litre boot. Rivals like the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E-Class can’t compare unless you purchase the Touring or Estate models.


In 2011 the Jaguar XF won the What Car? ‘Best Executive Car’ award for the fourth year in succession. The car has also won ‘Luxury Car of the Year' from Top Gear, Automobile Magazine’s ‘2011 Design of the Year’ award and ‘Best Executive Sedan’ at the Bloomberg Awards in America.


Critics claim that the 2.2 litre diesel in the SE variant could be cleaner and that prices are high. But the SE is the entry level car and each model comes with a high trim level and generous equipment. The styling by Jaguar’s chief designer Ian Callum isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it is modern with echoes of the past in an attempt to please traditional Jaguar buyers and the wider market.

Final word

With over 100,000 examples of the Jaguar XF already on the roads, Jaguar can rightly claim that the car attracts new customers to the brand while bring back existing customers. They have seen an increase in ownership by female drivers and younger drivers have also been brought to the brand because of the XF.

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