A buyer's guide to the Land Rover Defender

All Land Rover Defenders comes with the same 2.4 litre diesel engine. It is powerful and refined, so delivers the power evenly whether you are at accelerating from a traffic light or powering through a gorge. But that is the only element of the Land Rover Defender that's consistent across the range.

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The Range

Station Wagon

If you are looking for a family car then the Station Wagon with its choice of five or seven seats is the obvious option. If the Defender is needed for a mixture of business miles and personal miles, then the Hard Top is a good compromise. It’s a single cab so there’s only space for two, but the load is secured and separate from the cabin.

Pick Up

If your load needs to be kept in the open air while you travel or need the cabin isolated from the load, there are two pick ups in the range. The Single Cab is available with 90 or 110 inch wheelbases and a driver and passenger comfortably. The Double Cab is only available with 110 inch wheelbase but as it can seat five and carry the same load space, the extra £3,400 cost is money well spent if your cargo needs more than two people to off load when you reach your destination.


The Chassis Cab variants resemble a lorry cab without its trailer. The model’s extremely strong chassis is little more than a single or double cab attached to an exposed rear end. This allows businesses to adapt the vehicle to their needs and makes the Chassis Cab the most versatile machine in the Defender range.

Defender Professional

Two High Capacity versions, the Utility Wagon and the Defender Professional round out the Land Rover Defender range. The Professional can be tailored to the needs of any business and when the business needs include reaching inaccessible locations or operating in the most extreme weather conditions there is no substitute for the Defender.

Final word

The Land Rover Defender has been on Britain’s roads and across its fields since 1983. Unlike the Discovery or the Freelander, the Defender foregoes luxury for practicality. Off road it’s strong, dependable and up to most challenges. However on road it can be noisy and offers a harsh drive. This is a great off-roader, but rivals from other brands and other vehicles within Land Rover's range, offer a better experience on the road.

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