Pros and cons of the Nissan Cube

One of the funkiest cars on the road today, the Nissan Cube unfortunately is only available in the UK nowadays as a used car as, due to the falling yen, Nissan stopped importing them in 2011.

Don't let that stop you considering buying a used Cube though (they are still being imported) - they're a lovely little car, and one of the most unusual you'll ever own.

Pros and cons of the Nissan Cube

Of course, like any car, the Nissan Cube has a mix of pros and cons, but it depends on what you're looking for in a car as to whether this boxy little number is for you or not.


Unusual design - If you want to stand out on the road, you don't get a much more unusual design than the Nissan Cube. Square and clunky, it's still kind of cool, in an odd way, of course. Plus, you'll stand out even more, as only just over 1,000 of these cars were sold in the UK domestic market (with a couple of thousand more imports) before Nissan took them off the British market.

Spacious Interior - As you'd expect, there's a lot of room inside, as it's not lost to a sloping roof and sultry lines. In fact, the Nissan Cube is smashing for anyone who likes to stretch out a bit, or for comfort on a longer trip.

Handles Well - While not the zippiest car on the road, it takes corners easily and smoothly, and handles well at higher speeds.

Good Deals Around - As Nissan has taken it off the UK market, you'll find some fairly good deals. In fact, you can pick up a pre-owned mid-range Nissan Cube for less than £8,000 - not bad for something that looks this trendy.


Noise Factor - Not the quietest car around, especially at high speeds (it has a top speed of 115mph - if you like driving fast but hate a screaming engine, owning the Nissan Cube could be an annoyance.

Excessive Wind Noise - Wind noise too can be a problem and, in the UK, where it gets fairly windy in many areas of the country, you notice this quickly at higher speeds.

Interior Materials - Materials used for the interior look a little on the cheap side, with both the plastic dashboard area and glove compartment, and the leather seats on the low-quality end.

Cargo Space - While you'd expect a car this boxy to have tons of cargo space, it really doesn't. In fact, there's less room than that of some of its closest rivals.

The Nissan Cube for style

More than anything, the Nissan Cube tends to be bought by those who like to drive something more unusual, or are into the 'cool factor' of the 'Tokyo' look.

The Cube is a fun car though and, as it drives well, is roomy inside, and you can get a great deal, for someone who isn't planning long trips from London to Edinburgh on a regular basis, it's still a smashing car.

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