Peugeot 207 – An award winning city car

The Peugeot 207 replaced the 206 model, which was considered one of the best cars of its generation. The new Peugeot is better made, bigger and preserves some of the flavour of its predecessors. The 207 claims to be a grown-up supermini, due to its impressive boot space and one of the biggest compartments for luggage in its segment.


The inside of the Peugeot 207 features chrome-ringed instruments, well-placed switchgear and decent plastics, making it a classic model. It gives a sense of space and the driving position is very good for almost everyone, mostly due to the adjustment for both steering wheel and seat.

Engine and driving

The buyer can choose from three models of petrol and three models of diesel engines. The entry-level is a 1.4 litre with 8 valve engine, but the more powerful 1.4 litre 16 valve is more responsive to the moves of the driver. The long wheelbase makes it very smooth when it comes to going over bumpy and lumpy roads. The electric power steering system has been improved from the previous model, serving up the feel for keen drivers, remaining light both on the streets and during parking.


According to the tests, the car is very comfortable because there is enough space in the rear seats for two adults. The 207 model provides plenty of space for luggage and passengers and at the same time is enough compact to slide easily into tight spaces.

Running costs

You can make some economies with both diesel and petrol engines. Even if it was designed for the city streets, it is very viable on motorways as well.


At the speed of 100 mph, the 1.4 and 1.6 HDI diesel engines produce 120g/km of CO2, making the Peugeot 207 very good when considering fuel consumption. On the other hand there is also the economic version, which eliminates under 100 g/km of CO2 in the atmosphere, making it one of the best cars of its generation.

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