We take a look at the best places in the UK to find salvage cars

While not everyone can afford to buy a brand new car, there are plenty of people out there who find lots of use for old salvage cars. These are cars that are damaged, but not written off. In other words, if you know what you're doing it is very possible for you to fix them up and get them back on the road.

Obviously this isn't a solution for everyone, but for those of you who are willing and able to put in the time and money to restore a damaged car to its former glory, there are plenty of great resources available to help you find the key starting element of the process - the salvage cars themselves.

Often these cars are vehicles that have been involved in accidents and their owners have decided to claim off their insurance for a replacement rather than putting in all the money required to get them up to spec and road worthy again.

We recommend you start your search for salvage cars over at Auto Salvage Yard, located online at asalvageyard.co.uk. This website has a huge selection of salvageable cars on offer for some great prices. With a full partnership with online auction site eBay, you know that you're going to be dealing with a reliable company, and their up to the minute listings make searching for the right car a piece of cake.

Alternatively, you could take a look at salvagemarket.co.uk, the site of a company that has been in the car salvage market since 1984, offering more than 25 years of top class experience. As an auction site, you'll need to be able to commit some time to ensuring you get the cars that you want, but with a little practice and a lot of patience there are some phenomenal bargains to be had on salvage cars.

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