Vauxhall Zafira: The facts

The Vauxhall Zafira is a flexible 7 seat MPV that’s available in four different trim levels including the practical Exclusiv and the sporty Design. When the first model was launched, the Zafira heralded a new era of motoring as it was the first compact 7 seater people carrier and today it remains one of the most versatile and innovative cars on the market.

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Standard equipment

Zafira Expression and Zafira Life

Standard features on the Vauxhall Zafira Expression and the Vauxhall Zafira Life include anti-lock brakes, power-assisted steering, an Electronic Stability Programme with traction control, remote controlled central deadlocking and electric front windows and door mirrors. Safety features include front seat side-impact airbags and full-size curtain airbags.

Zafira Excite

Standard equipment for the Zafira Excite includes the above but adds 16 inch alloy wheels, a mobile phone system with Bluetooth, air conditioning, CD player with MP3 format, steering wheel mounted audio controls and a multi-function trip computer. A total of six airbags keep the driver and passengers safe in the event of an accident, and this is the first model to offer Vauxhall’s Flex7 seating system.

Zafira Exclusiv

The Exclusiv and Exclusiv NAV offer extras like an ESP program with Hill Start Assist, 16-inch Structure wheels and the Touch and Connect system with touch-screen satellite navigation attached to a mobile phone system with Bluetooth and a stereo with controls for an iPod.

Zafira Design

With 16-inch twin-spoke alloy wheels the Zafira Design is built to stand out from the other cars in the range. Front fog lights also add to the sporty look and a driving seat with tilt and lumbar adjustment offers the driver support during cornering.


Flex7 seating system

The seats in a Zafira with Flex7 are set out in three rows. The first contains 2 seats, the second has 3 and the third row has 2. This system is designed to allow users to alter the seating configuration from 2 to 7 seats in just 15 seconds, making a Zafira with Flex7 ideal for family outings or for transporting bulky objects.


The FlexOrganizer system is a range of dividers, hooks, nets and boxes that offer storage solutions. They are based around the wall-mounted rails that are found in the luggage compartment and are design to help you make the most of the Zafira’s flexibility.

Final word

Depending on the model and the equipment specified, it’s possible to buy a Vauxhall Zafira with as many as 30 storage trays and compartments for large and small items, which makes the Zafira a practical family car. Flex7 and FlexOrganizer also allow the Zafira to be one of the most family friendly cars in its class. With a lifetime or 100,000 mile warranty for the first owner, you can be assured of peace of mind when you purchase the Zafira, but buyers should keep the Zafira for many years as the car is hampered by poor depreciation. After 12 months the Zafira will be worth just 50 percent of its purchase price.

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