Volkswagen Golf – A popular family car

Volkswagen has been considered over the years as a producer that took cars for the people to another level, where it can offer customers luxury features, German solidity and high-quality interiors. The Volkswagen Golf model was produced in six generations, being a best seller vehicle in many countries for many years. The model is available on gasoline or on diesel.


The inside of the latest version of Volkswagen Golf has been improved with HVAC controls, a new three-spoke steering wheel and subtle aluminium trim. The driver information screen is useful and legible and there are twin gauge pods located next to the bright-white style that flank the screen. The screen is connected to an impressive eight-speaker sound system, which is far better than that of other cars in the same price range. The TDI comes with Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, redundant audio controls, a six-CD changer and a touchscreen.


It is quite easy to notice a Volkswagen Golf in traffic, mostly due to its new changes: redesigned bumper, horizontal taillights, angular rear and the front fascia. The new wheels are incorporated in every model and they vary from 15 inch steelies with covers made from plastic and up to 17 inch alloy ones.

Gasoline or diesel

The 1.6 litre petrol engine is the best choice for the size of the Volkswagen Golf, but you can also have a look at the 1.4-litre models, as they are perfect for those looking for economy and good performance at the same time. For diesel models, you can choose from a range that goes from 74bhp 2.0-litre SDI to 2.0 TDI with 138bhp or 168bhp.


The safety of the passengers is ensured by the standard six airbags, redesigned front headrests, seatbelt pretensioners and stability control. If we compare the Volkswagen Golf with its competitors, it offers a sense of quality and refinement that is very hard to find in Asian or North American compacts. The Hyundai Elantra Touring and Mazda3 are similar to the Golf, but they suffer when it comes to the finish and fit, both interior and exterior.

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