A Battle of Miniature Proportions

One promises “the ultimate in open motoring,” while the other claims “the most fun you can have with your trousers on.” Both can zoom from 0 to 60 mph at the blink of an eye. The Ariel Atom 3 from TMI Autotech Inc. and Caterham CarsCaterham R500 are excellent super-lightweight racing machines that out-muscle and outperform some of the popular and mainstream race cars. They’re both phenomenally fast, handle incredibly well, and promise to keep adrenalin levels soaring.

Two leading motoring journalists recently pitted these two pocket rockets against each other to see which is the faster car.

The Ariel Atom 3 looked more like a missile with its sleek, modern design by Simon Saunders, a former design teacher who felt the sport of racing needed something new and exciting. The Caterham R500 was created during the late 50s by the late Colin Chapman, and is based on the Lotus Seven.

And the result? Absolutely neck-and-neck, with the Ariel Atom 3 besting the Caterham R500 by the tiniest of margins.

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