A blind spot of bother

There has been a 48 percent rise in crashs caused by blind spots over the last two years, according to a study made by Accident Exchange, a crash management company that analysed 50,000 crashes to come out with the results. .

These collisions occur when drivers pull out without knowing that there's a car in their blind spot.

'Visibility and awareness are key contributors to maintaining safety,' said Robert Gifford, Executive Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.

'All drivers need to be aware that every vehicle has its blind spots and that these will always be different.

'That is why some car manufacturers such as Volvo have developed blind spot information systems.

'There is a trade-off between occupant protection and all-round visibility. Drivers need to make sure that improvements in their safety do not compromise the safety of others.'

Lee Woodley, of Accident Exchange, added: 'The sharp rise in drivers seemingly unaware of the presence of another vehicle in an adjacent lane is pretty startling.

'Today’s cars are packed with ‘active’ safety equipment, but for some vehicles strengthened frames can mean reduced visibility and larger blind-spots.'

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