A bridge too far

A double decker bus carrying a bevvy of teenagers, on their way merrily to sixth-form college, crashed into the underside of a bridge.

The incident occurred at 8.45am on Neasham Road, County Durham. 12 people, including the driver, were admitted to hopsital, but none were thought to be seriously injured.

The police confirmed that the pupils, who were en route to Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, were removed safely from the bus. A spokes person said that the bus 'hit the underside of a railway bridge near the football ground and this caused the top of the bus to come off.'

The bridge was temporarily closed so that the damage to it could be properly assessed, but was soon after reopened. Pupils who emerged unscathed from the bus crash hopped on another one to complete their journey to college.

By the looks of the pictures, it is clear that the bus passengers were extremely lucky not to be more seriously hurt. What the driver had put on his Cornflakes that morning we don't know.

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