A Different Honk with Horntunes

Tired of the same boring honking from your car? (How imaginative can you be with just one note, anyway?) Then it’s time to have Horntones installed.

An innovation which substitutes the normal beeping of the car horn with MP3 files, the Horntones FX-550 is a three-in-one system consisting of a player, amplifier, and speakers. With the player’s USB port, your music files go from your computer straight into the system.

Loads of tunes are available in Horntones’ website, organised under categories such as “College Fight Songs,” “Cartoons,” and “Halloween.” If you have a death wish, download the animal sounds to make your car go “Neigh,” “Moo,” or “Oink.” Or you can always install Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb.”

Imagine the look on people’s faces when you play the funeral march as you’re stuck in traffic. This is the genius of Horntones – the ability to express yourself on the road. It’s great for gags, too, and—we admit—for pimpin’ your ride. Be careful with the trashier songs out there, though. You never know when rode rage might strike.

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