A guide to the top three Hyosung Motorcycles

Introduction to Hyosung Motorcycles:

Hyosung motorcycles, also known as Hyosung bikes, are a UK based motorcycle / motorbike company with a fantastic range of excellent pleasure and sporting bikes. The bikes come in various sizes and powers. This article looks at the three most expensive models in the Hyosung motorcycles range: the GV700C EFI, GT650R EFI and the GV650 EFI.

Hyosung's GV700C EFI:

Empowered with a DOCH 8 valve, fuel injected water cooled twin cylinder engine and a classical design, this motorbike is definitely worth its hefty £5799 price tag. The 680cc powerhouse is known as the best bike in the current Hyosung offerings, a reputation which complements its position as the most expensive bike in the range. The efficiency of this bike is encouraging and being equipped with optimized intake and an 18 litre tank, the performance is not compromised. The long wide frame and comfortable seats are perfect for long cruises but still allow for nippy manoeuvres around town.

Hyosung's GT650R EFI:

The GT650R ETI as offered by Hyosung motorcycles is a sporting giant which is gaining a fantastic reputation as a quality bike in the United Kingdom. The engine pulls at an impressive 647cc and glides along with a dry mass of 208kgs. Described as the world's most flexible sports bike, this machine enables the rider to explore the full kinetic possibilities offered by the two wheeled sport. At a mere £5199 including delivery and VAT, this machine is a pleasure to ride and not at all painful on the wallet.

Hyosung's GV650 EFI:

Hyosung motorcycles excelled all expectations with this impressive bike. With a sporty 82bhp at 9000rpm, this twin cylindered engine pulls perfect performance every time. This bike is available at only £4799 which again includes delivery and VAT.

To find out more, see: Hyosung.co.uk.


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