A head of the game

No matter how dangerous it is to wrap your legs around a 200 horse power engine with with only some unflattering leathers and a helmet to protect you, it doesn’t stop millions from doing it everyday. So anything that improves safety when it comes to the two-wheeled beasts is definitely a good thing.

So enter the brand new ThermaHelm – a revolutionary helmet that has an icepack casing within its standard outside casing. It’s been dubbed as a major landmark in road safety is expected to save thousands of lives. Jullian Preston-Powers the bright spark behind the helmet said; 'We've had a great reaction. People think it's a great idea and have said they can't believe no-one has thought of this before.'

Sadly as is always the case with anything that is deemed good for us it comes with an outrageous price tag of £299 but if it saves a life maybe it’s cheap at twice the price. The ThermaHelm will launch in the UK in May.

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