A pain in the ash

It’s been described as an act of nature and an act of God, either way the novelty of having an aeroplane free sky over the UK is quickly beginning to wear off, if it ever was a novelty. Now some big players in the car industry have confirmed that they too are suffering because of a no fly zone over the UK and other parts of northern Europe.

Recently, BMW, Nissan and Audi have all halted production because they are waiting for parts to arrive by air. BMW and Audi which are both based in Germany say the pause is on a temporary basis while they look to work around the ash cloud, and maybe deliver what parts they can by ground. And according to the Financial Times Japanese based car company Nissan is waiting for parts to arrive from Europe, a spokesman for the company said: ‘It’s not that the plants are closing, but select products in those plants won’t be built tomorrow’.

Don’t want to scare anyone but the last time a volcanic eruption of this size happened in Iceland it last for 18 months.

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