A quick guide to the Honda Hornet

Even though it is a Japanese bike, the Honda Hornet was designed in Italy and it has had a great success on the European market since the launch of the first version in 1998. The 2012 version is a close relative of the race-winning CBR600RR and its most noticeable improvements are the user-friendly handling and the unparalleled package of sporty performance.

Technical characteristics

The 2012 Honda Hornet is a naked bike and it features a four-stroke 599.00 ccm engine. With a power of 100.58 hp and a torque of 63.50 Nm, the new Hornet is powerful enough to satisfy amateurs and well-versed bikers alike. The overall height of the motorbike is 1,095 mm and the total weight, including oil, is 198.0 kg.

Styling and design

In the tradition of the previous models, the new Honda Hornet 2012 features and impressive spare design that is both aggressive and sexy at the same time. A major attraction is the sharply shaped instrument panel, on which you will find an analogue tacho and a digital speedo. The focused look of the engines in plain sight is a distinctive characteristic of the Honda Hornet.

The colour range

When it comes to looks, you can choose one of the three colour version in which the Honda Hornet 2012 was released. These are Pearl Cool White, Pearl Pacific Blue and Mat Cynos Grey Metallic. If you are looking for a bold colour that will make a statement, then the pearlescent blue would be a good option.

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