A review of new Yamaha motorcycles

Yahama has gained accolades over the years as a recognised brand in the motorcycle industry. Although the Japanese company started as a musical instruments company until 1955, it has since gained headways and in the UK; it carves a niche as a household motorcycle brand name. The future of the company looks bright especially with the emergence of 2012 new Yamaha motorcycles.

Whether looking for adventures, cruisers, scooters, street or racing bikes, the plethora of new bikes on sale will leave you stunned. For a complete overview of the 2012 new models, you may visit the (www.yamaha-motor.com) for all the specs, user ratings and quotes. Some of the new motorcycles include street bikes ranging from YZF-RI, FZ1, FZ8, YZF-R6, FZ6R, Super Tenere, WR250R, XT250, TW200 and FJRI 300A.

Some of the characteristics common with these bikes include a stronger engine, increased versatility, smooth rides and innovative features designed with clear-cut technology to enhance your riding experience.

There are also a number of new scooter 2012 models such as the Majesty, Zuma 125 and Zuma 50F. Scooters are economical bikes that get you to your destination in style. They range from $2490 and $6750 depending on the bike model and individual specs. With these new brands of 2012 new Yamaha motorcycles, you can be sure of style, power and versatility. Should you want to purchase some of these new bike models in the UK, a visit to the (www.phmotorcycles.co.uk) will be worthwhile.

With the bikes in the range of £10,000.00 depending on the bike models, the site offers tailored financial packages to suit your individual preferences. These plans include low monthly payments or low deposits. In addition, they have upgrade kits to ensure security and safe operation of your bike.

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