A very Porsche event

Porsche owners will get to take to the track as part of the Porsche Club Great Britain's 50th anniversary celebrations in September this year.

The club's 15,000 members will be treated to a three-day festival, beginning with a track day on September 2 at Castle Combe. Other events will take place at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, and the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone.

'We've come up with a programme that has something for every member," Barry Smith, chairman of the club, told GT Porsche Magazine. 'We know that every member has a different criteria as to what they want from an event, which is why we've incorporated the track day at Castle Combe and the Silverstone event into the traditional 'stately home' aspect of Porsche Club GB events of the past.'

At Castle Combe, owners will be able to try out the black-top for a 15 minute session, costing £15 a pop. While at Silvertone there will be a range of activities on offer, from enjoying the low grip circuit in a Panamera, to the Porsche Cayenne experience.

Tickets cost £18 per person for the weekend and you can bag one by calling 020 8875 8684.

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