A very Porsche sledge

Who would best design Santa’s sleigh? Well, with its proximity to Lapland and reputation for reliability, you’d probably say Volvo. But some snazzy new Christmas gift ideas suggest Porsche would be in with a shout.

The iconic car makers are presenting a plastic bobsleigh (EUR225/US$300) and an Aluminium sledge (EUR399/US$530)for those of us looking for maximum directional stability, and speed, in the snow this yuletide.

Both devices have ‘springs’ in the runners that give them exceptional steering ability. The Porsche bobsleigh does not have ground contact across the whole of its breadth but only at the edges.

‘The result is maximum directional stability which, combined with the low center of gravity, gives excellent grip and outstanding maneuverability,’ Porsche says.

Highlights of the Porsche Aluminium sledge are its stainless steel runners and ‘leather’ seat. It also uses a folding mechanism to allow the sledge to be folded up and stowed in a posh bag .

So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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