A whole lotta lube

The subject of synthetic oils gets some motorists over-heated. The question we hear whispered around the petrol pumps is: Are they really better for your car?

Well, it’s a sticky issue. But there are definite advantages to lubing up with a synthetic. They reduce dependency on fossil fuels for one. And though this may not sound much, if we all did it it could make a huge reduction in fossil fuels. You don’t have to change the oil as much either, so lazy drivers are onto a winner.

But here’s the thing see: synthetic lubes contain impurities that adversely affect engine wear. They contain a chemical that has a consistently shaped molecule free of contaminants and highly resistant to being broken down by heat.

A dominant view that’s emerging is that brand spanking new engines should be ‘worn in’ using a standard mineral oil but that later on a switch to synthetics can do a (horse) power of good. They’re a tad more expensive, but you save on a reduced change interval. And you’ll be doing the environment a favour.

So what have you got to lubes? Nothing. Give it a try.

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