Abandon car!

It's a statistic hard to believe: high fuel prices are leading drivers to not only cut their speed or to drive less, but to take the drastic step of abandoning their car altogether.

A survey has found that, as fuel prices are sit pretty at 136p a litre, some 14 percent of motorists have abandoned their vehicles, with a further seven percent making the switch from 4 to 2 wheels and using a motorbike or scooter instead.

A spokesperson for Green Flag said that they were getting more call-outs this year because people are going to the petrol station, filling up with petrol and paying the same as they did last year. Only this year they're getting less fuel.

Henry Topham, head of Green Flag, said: 'Rising petrol prices are having a massive impact on household budgets and consequently having a dramatic impact on driver behaviours. For many drivers, owning a vehicle is a necessity rather than a luxury, so they are being forced into driving more fuel economically or switching to more fuel efficient modes of transportation in the face of rising prices.

'Cutting down on journeys and driving slower is better for the environment and general health and is a much better idea than attempting to keep going on an empty tank and having to call out a breakdown service to rescue you.'

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