About Ford RS alloy wheels


RS stands for 'Rally Sport'. Through the years Ford have always made a version of each of their models as a RS design. This is the version, albeit in street form, that take part in off-road rallying.

Down the years Escorts, Sierras, Fiestas, Mondeos and now the Focus have all had RS versions.


The RS version of Ford models are most popular with younger male drivers that want a fast and attractive looking car.

Ford RS Alloy Wheels

The alloy wheels add to the attractiveness of the design and make the car look more sporty.

Shopping For Alloys

You can of course by alloy wheels from car parts stores and Ford dealers. Here you will be able to closer inspect the product before buying them, obviously, than you would if shopping online.

However...shopping online does have distinct advantages, namely that the selection of alloys you will find will be much greater and the prices will be notably cheaper.

Try Fordpartsuk.com for a massive selection of styles and price ranges.

Alternatively, try passionford.com or adtrader.co.uk--for an equally competitive selection.

Money Back

Returning alloys is obviously much more difficult when shopping online so be sure to check the fine print before making such a big purchase.

Ford RS Alloy Wheels

The Focus and Fiesta are obviously the main-stays of the RS market but if you are shopping for the classics like the 'Capri' or the 'Sierra' you will not be disappointed. Again, the best place to dig is online.

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