About Formula One Enfield

About Formula One Enfield AutoCenter

This is a large but independently-owned auto service garage chain, with branches all around the south, south east and Midlands. The total branch number is 60 as of writing.

This is a fast-fit auto centre which aims at offering a unique experience of both efficiency, speed, professionalism but also a family touch.


As you can see from their website, they offer servicing, MOT's and give the customer the ability to buy products and parts online. In the right hand column of the website they also have a list of special offers.


Formula One Enfield Autocenter provides specialist parts such as tyres, exhausts, brakes, clutches, shocks and batteries as well as oil-upgrades and air-conditioning servicing.


Obviously one of the best known of the fast-fit garages like this is KWIK-FIT. This is a brand known nationwide and because of this, many people may feel drawn to it in the belief that it will offer reliability and quality. This may be true in some circumstances, but with such a big company, the personal touch is no doubt lost and the customer care cannot be as focused or individualised.

So give Forumla One Enfield a go if you live in that area.


Visit their website to cash in on some discount vouchers which you can take with you for your next auto service. There vouchers can be worth as much as £10 for things like brake replacements and exhausts.

All Cars

All models can be serviced, so whether you drive a rust-bucket or a Bentley, get on down.

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