The different types of accident repair schemes

Accident repair schemes are either manufacturer backed initiatives or an industry wide program that puts in place a set code of conduct for its members, so that the customer can be assured of good service whenever they see the membership logo. Both work in the same way and aim to provide peace of mind for the consumer and consistent service.

Manufacturer accident repair schemes

Manufacturers create their own accident repair schemes so that they can use independent service centres as ‘authorised service centres’. This means that the customer can be assured of a main dealer quality service when their car is repaired and the manufacturer can be assured that the car is repaired to their standards. Ultimately this helps the car to retain more of its value when it is sold on.

Approved bodyshops

Manufacturer approved bodyshops are the best example of repair centres used by manufacturers. No matter which manufacturer they represent, each has to work to strict guidelines which cover the premises, the equipment used and the staffs’ working practices. Only genuine parts can be used and every manufacturer has checks in place which ensure that the centre meets their standards and can retain its approved status.

Mazda ‘Save It’

Some manufacturers take this a stage further. Mazda’s ‘Save It’ accident repair scheme offers the customer discount repairs on vehicles that are on the fringes of being written-off by insurance companies because of their value. This scheme keeps more cars on the road and keeps costs down for the customer, who would otherwise have to wait for the insurer’s pay out and then have the inconvenience and expense of finding another car.

Final word

Unfortunately, accidents happen. So when they do it’s good to know that the car will be repaired to a satisfactory condition. Whether the accident repair scheme is through a manufacturer, using it to unite independent bodyshops and repairers under its banner, or if it is used as a mark of quality for individual businesses who wish to provide the public with confidence that they can achieve a set standard, the intention of all accident repair schemes is to provide the customer with peace of mind.

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