You can make a tidy profit from an accident vans sale

There's a common misconception out there that a Category D Van is basically a hunk of junk with absolutely no value. This simply isn't true! These vans can be picked up at an extremely reasonable price, and most of the time there is nothing wrong with them. So it is possible to profit from an accident vans sale!

Category D Cars and Vans are vehicles that have been in an accident and it's simply not worth it for the insurance company to fix them up. These cars and vans are often picked up for nothing by garages, who fix them up themselves and pass on the cars to the consumer for a low price. There's absolutely no obligation on a garage selling you a Cat D vehicle to let you know the history of it. However, they will tell you if you ask, and there's nothing to fret by buying one of these vehicles, as they wouldn't be sold unless they were completely road worthy.

Buying these vans online is simple, as there are a number of sites offering great deals on them right now. Your first port of call to find a Cat D van should be www.preloved.co.uk as they have an extensive section thaty lists all Cat D Vans currently for sale in both the UK and Ireland. You can search by place and even by price to help you get the best deal possible.

Another site specialising in the sale of Cat D vans is www.catdsalvage.co.uk/. This site has extensive listings of all Cat D Cars and Vans in the UK, and like the previous site, allows you to search based on location and price.


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