Affordable Newport cars for sale

There are a wide variety of Newport cars for sale, and many of them are advertised online. If you are looking for an affordable car in Newport, the best site to visit is newportcarsales.co.uk. This site specialises in supplying affordable cars to people, with most coming in between £500 and £3000. All vehicles are supplied with an MOT and come with a three year warranty. The company also offers finance facilities for those in need of it.

You are able to filter through the cars on their site, by selecting the stocklist feature. You can then refine your search by including the make, model, mileage and year of the car you are looking for.

There is a 05 Mitsubishi Lance Equippe 1.6 5 dr, for sale at £2,995. The car is manual, grey in colour, 55,000 on the clock and has a petrol engine. It has a number of different features such as 15" alloy wheels, electric windows, air conditioning, rear spoiler and central locking among others.

They also have a great value car in stock for £995. It is a 99 Ford Mondeo 5dr, with 2 litre zetec petrol engine. It has 120,000 miles on the clock but comes with a MOT and the dealer will guarantee the car for three years. It also comes equipped with 16" alloys, air conditioning, electric windows, electric mirrors and a CD player.

So if you are looking to buy a car in the Newport area visit newportcarsales.co.uk and find an affordable car today.

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