Air-conditioning system maintenance tips for cars

You might have taken for granted that your car has an air-conditioner that needs to be run. After all, when you rely on the heater for months on end the last thing you want on your face is cool air. But when the day is boiling or your vehicle is left in the full sun, you'll be glad to have that blast of cool air. Here are a few air-conditioning system maintenance tips for cars to make sure your unit runs properly when you need it.

Easy tips

There is not much difference with your regular home air conditioner and your factory air. Hot air in a car is cooled by the air-con's refrigerant. Hence, to ensure that it runs smoothly take note of these simple air-conditioning system maintenance tips:

1. Run the air-con at least once a week. While most will say that this is easier said than done during winter when you can't even bear to roll the windows down, it pays to test if the system still works. If this is not possible, wait for a sunny day (if it comes) or run the air-con without you inside like when it is parked in the garage. Just check if it still works or there is no leak causing troubles.

2. Testing the air-con does not only ensure the system is still working. The air-con also absorbs excess moisture in the cabin of your car. Whenever possible, turn on the fan to the highest setting and put its lowest temperature to prevent the build-up of moisture and mould-causing bacteria.

3. Check worn out fan belts, blocked air vents, or refrigerant leaks on the compressor and hose of fittings.

4. Go for a full air-con service every two years. It is recommended to have your unit checked fully at least every two years. A full service will get your refrigerant topped up by recovering it from the system. The compressor will be also checked and collection tins will be cleaned.

5. Lastly, annual or bi-annual servicing can also detect problems early on in the air-conditioning system. At this point, air filtres will be replaced so you can have purified air when you're running your heaters or air-conditioners.

Stay safe

Following air-conditioning system maintenance tips ensures it is working properly when you need it. Handling refrigerants is another matter. Remember, anything beyond simple issues such as opening the compressor or disposing of refrigerant should be handled by qualified mechanics and cooling technicians. Refrigerant is a gas that should not be released in the air. Therefore, let a competent person handle your air-con problems if these occur.

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